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After over 13 years of building their family, careers, and home, Alon and Sandro awoke to Canadian-born Sandro's H1B Visa final extension expiring with no permanent residency options. In order to keep their family together, the bi-national couple had no choice but to close their business, lay off American workers, and leave the country they loved.


Curating over 300 hours of personal home video and intimate portraits of the people left behind, (IN)VOLUNTARY DEPARTURE captures the devastating effects of DOMA as Alon and his husband, Sandro, chronicle their last days in America while the film ultimately asks the question, "Will the couple return to U.S. with their newly found immigration equality?"

VOLUNTARY DEPARTURE:The departure of an alien from the United States without an order of removal which allows an individual to leave on his or her own rather than being formally deported which could lead to a fine and ten years of inadmissibility INA §212(a)(9)(A).

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